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From: <>

> SuStel:
> > If it CAN take an object, I can't think of any object
> > more likely than /'e'/.
> So you mean - theoretically - we can say "I dream *that*..." but not "I
> dream *it*."

No, I mean that the object /'e'/ seems to be the most obvious common choice
for an object of this verb.  I do not claim that this object must be used
exclusively.  I also do not claim the converse.

>    {qeylIS vIghom 'e' vInaj}
>    "I dreamt that I met kahless" could work,
>    *{qeylIS vInaj}*
>    "I dreamt kahless" doesn't work, because then the definition of {naj}
> would have been "dream of"!

Possibly, but we have no evidence either way.  /bInajtaHvIS qeylIS
Daghomjaj/ avoids (probably intentionally) the problem altogether.

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