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> That's not quite right.  When /neH/ follows a verb, is trivializes the
> verb.
Hmm... Thats what I meant, but I didn't know how to express it; and since
I'm not home during the holidays I don't have my books with me for quotations

> If it CAN take an object, I can't think of any object 
> more likely than /'e'/.

So you mean - theoretically - we can say "I dream *that*..." but not "I
dream *it*."
   {qeylIS vIghom 'e' vInaj} 
   "I dreamt that I met kahless" could work,

   *{qeylIS vInaj}*
   "I dreamt kahless" doesn't work, because then the definition of {naj}
would have been "dream of"!

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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