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I think this is not really KLBC.

> I'm trying to put together a Dictionary (not just a word association
> list)
> I want to put the meanings of the words along side the english and
> klingon words
> I don't know if anyone else has done this or attempted to (I couldn't be
> the only one)

I have been working on this kind of dictionary for years now, but very
slowly. Every day I add a little bit.
In my dictionary, there is only canon included, so just explanations given
by Okrand himself. When there are several meanings for one word, I only use
what we know from MO, and not what the different meanings are in english.
Like the word "odd" can describe the quality of something, and it's used for
numbers that cannot devided by two. But in klingon, {jum} is not for
numbers, only quality.

It's a good thing to make such a dictionary, it helped me a lot to learn

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