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I'm trying to put together a Dictionary (not just a word association
I want to put the meanings of the words along side the english and
klingon words

I don't know if anyone else has done this or attempted to (I couldn't be
the only one)

So I have the following 

{ghong} - Abuse - noun
1. improper or incorrect use
2. injurious or offensive treatment
3. offensive or unfair comments or language"

{ghong} - Abuse - verb
1. to use in an improper or incorrect manner
2. to treat in a manner that causes injury or offense
3. to talk to or of in an offensive or unfair manner

but for {ghop} we have hand but there are a lot of meanings in that one
I'd say the first Definition given below is what Marc Okrand meant.
but what other meanings (if any) can we use.

I can't see [gave me a hand with the bags] because hand really means
help and this type of talk  seems to me to be cultural. (maybee someone
why knows more than a couple languages can expand on this, I only know
Hand (n)

The terminal part of the human arm located below the forearm, used for
grasping and holding and consisting of the wrist, palm, four fingers,
and an opposable thumb. 
A homologous or similar part in other animals, as the terminal part of
the forelimb in certain vertebrates. 
A unit of length equal to 4 inches (10.2 centimeters), used especially
to specify the height of a horse. 
Something suggesting the shape or function of the human hand,
{a}Any of the rotating pointers used as indexes on the face of a
mechanical clock. 
{b}A pointer, as on a gauge or dial. 
A round of applause to signify approval. 
Physical assistance; help: gave me a hand with the bags. 
{a}The cards held in a card game by a given player at any time. 
{b}The number of cards dealt each player; the deal. 
{c}A player or participant in a card game: We need a fourth hand for
{d}A portion or section of a game during which all the cards dealt out
are played: a hand of poker. 
One who performs manual labor: a factory hand. 
One who is part of a group or crew: the ship's hands. 
A participant in an activity, often one who specializes in a particular
activity or pursuit: an old hand at labor negotiations. 
The degree of immediacy of a source of information; degree of
reliability: heard the scandalous tale at third hand. 
The strength or force of one's position: negotiated from a strong hand. 
Possession, ownership, or keeping. Often used in the plural: The books
should be in your hands by noon. 
Power; jurisdiction; care: The defendant's fate is in the hands of the
jury. Dinner is in the chef's hands. 
Involvement or participation: "In all this was evident the hand of the
counterrevolutionaries" (John Reed). 
Permission or a promise, especially a pledge to wed. 
A commitment or agreement, especially when sealed by a handshake; one's
word: You have my hand on that. 


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