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Re: naH Doq

ghItlh Voragh:

>nuqjatlh??  "I have entered red fruit/vegetable"?
qaStaHvIS ram mu'tlheghmey vIgherta'. jIbachHa'ba'. {vI'elmoHta'} jIjatlhta' vIneH. 'ach DaH vIleghDI', vIpar. chaq qaq {vIchelta'}.

>red cabbage??
It's spaghetti (=qagh rurbogh Soj) with tomatoes (=naH Doq)

>reH DIp 'oHtaH <vay'>'e' net Sov.

>> vaj jIjatlhchugh <vay' moH>, chaq moHbogh loD vIDel'a'?

>I'm not sure I understand your question.
The question was just if I can use {vay'} like any other noun, using adjective-verbs and taking suffixes.
Any opinions about the following phrases?

   {vay'mo' QeHlaw'}
   "He seems to be angry about something"

  {pa' 'elpu' vay'; vay'vetlhvaD paq vInobnIS}
    "Someone entered the room; I need to give the book to that someone"

   {pa' 'elchugh vay', vaj vay'vetlh yIHoH}
    "If someone enters this room, kill that someone."

   vay'mey? vay'pu'? Soch vay'?
   vay' 'ar Dalegh?
What could these mean, if they do mean anything?

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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