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Re: Affixes/KLI Affiliates

> I'm curious - are there going to be new Pre/Suffixes? I'd think it
> would be helpful to have more, because one can already say so much
> using them, yet there are things not expressable via affixes.

We do not know what is in Okrand's head.

> Another thing: is it me or are the (last two) links(TFM) on the
> affiliates page not working? I always get redirected to the main page.

Well, first, the "last" link on the page is the KLI emblem which does take you 
back to the main page.

As for the last two affiliate links; it depends on what exactly you mean.  I 
found that the text "" and the icon for have different URLs 
assigned to them.

Franklin Mint: - works correctly.

Franklin Mint: The Official STAR TREK: The Next Generation™ Klingon™ Disruptor 
Pistol. - "Due to an error, the page you requested could not be displayed."

Franklin Mint: Official STAR TREK™: Klingon Bird of Prey™ Collector's Pocket 
Watch. - works correctly.

The text "" - works correctly.

The banner for - "Sorry, that coupon is invalid or does not exist."

> One more question just entered my mind: where's the difference between
> "batlh" and "-neS"? They both imply honor, although "-neS" is often
> translated as "your honour"(that's merely a description, isn't it?).

-neS is more of a sign of politeness, showing respect to a superior.


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