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Re: Affixes/KLI Affiliates

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002 wrote:
> > One more question just entered my mind: where's the difference between
> > "batlh" and "-neS"? They both imply honor, although "-neS" is often
> > translated as "your honour"(that's merely a description, isn't it?).
> -neS is more of a sign of politeness, showing respect to a superior.

I always saw the -neS suffix as a way of conveying "With all due respect,"
you'd use it where you were addressing someone of higher standing (like
how one might end every sentence with "sir")  The adverb { batlh }
would be more about honorability of the action itself:

For example:

bImuj -- "You're wrong."
bImujneS -- "With all due respect, you're wrong." or "You're wrong, sir."
batlh bImuj -- "You're wrong, with honor."  (Kind of a wierd concept --
perhaps this might be used to tell someone that they're wrong, but their
mistake has not tarnished their honor?)

Would people agree with that distinction between the two?


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