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Re: As usual...

From: "...Paul" <>
> I agreed with him, so I told him { batleH wIlu'taHvIS wIHay'nISbe' }.
> DOH.  I just realized I meant to say { maHay'nISbe' } -- I even
> double-checked the prefix before I replied and still blew it.  :)
> Anyway, just to double-check my sanity, is that accurate enough to convey
> "We don't need to duel with Bat'leths"?  Should I have said {
> maHay''eghnISbe' } or was the context clear enough?

I believe that KLINGON FOR THE GALACTIC TRAVELER uses /Hay'/ with both
duelists being the subject.  Thus, /maHay'/ "We duel."  I'm not about to say
that you certainly don't use /-'egh/, but I think you don't need it.

You've got a couple of spelling and prefix errors, but otherwise it makes
perfect sense.

betleH DIlo'taHvIS maHay'nISbe'.
We don't need to duel with bat'leths.
We don't need to duel while using bat'leths.

Keep in mind that the English is equally vague as to whether this means you
are going to duel with something else, or if you don't need to duel at all.

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