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As usual...

As soon as I get deep into a hobby, my life takes a turn where I'm too
busy to pursue it.  I think I've gotten some slack back in my schedule
though, and my return to tlhIngan Hol was trumpeted by when the QA manager
guy here said he didn't think we should fix a particularly hairy bug, and
that I should see him if I wanted to decide the issue with a Bat'leth

I agreed with him, so I told him { batleH wIlu'taHvIS wIHay'nISbe' }.
DOH.  I just realized I meant to say { maHay'nISbe' } -- I even
double-checked the prefix before I replied and still blew it.  :)

Anyway, just to double-check my sanity, is that accurate enough to convey
"We don't need to duel with Bat'leths"?  Should I have said {
maHay''eghnISbe' } or was the context clear enough?


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