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Re: AW: Episode Birthright


On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 04:19:48PM -0500, wrote:
> Quoting BitKnight <>:
> > jachtay tlhIngan
> > from the episode "Birthright"
> > translation by taj'IH Tai chopwI'

original source at
(in German language - rough translation here)

> I don't think I've ever seen it translated like this before.
> I find it interesting what different people come up with.

This is quite an ancient translation from several years back from the
"dark medieval times" of German Klingdom. Well, our Hol has improved
since - but still this text is quite close to the sung "original".


----snipp----   ----snipp----   ----snipp----   ----snipp----   

baH Da', tugh mogh	fire, Corporal; soon your plans will be ended
So' jagh, Dugh  ro'	Hide, enemy! The "Fist" is vigilant
yaH jaH, QeH  'oH
yaH jaH, QeH  'oH
yaH jaH, QeH  'oH	Go to your post - the "Anger" is here.

majaq. 'o'  tugh.	We are dareing. Beware the aft bow!
jiDaq. majun.		I spy. We are evading.
pa'Daq jagh baH!	Fire onto the enemy over there!
pu' lo'. tlhuHQo' ! 	Use the phaser. Stop breathing (enemy)!

tep lagh negh 'uH	Dissect the cargo, you hangover'd (soldiers)
mughato'  tu'		Find the Mugato.
yaH jaH, QeH  `oH
yaH jaH, QeH  `oH
yaH jaH, QeH  `oH	Go to your post - the "Anger" is here.

wo' naj, cha'DIch	Dream of the Empire, second (officer)
Do' chIj, wa'DIch	Navigate with a lucky hand, Number One!
'ejDo'  'el Da'		Enter the starship, Corporal!
QIb'a'  bopar!		(for) you hate the deep shadow.

Remarks to the translation:

Probably ro' ("Fist") and QeH ("Anger") were names of ships prominent
during the time when the song was created. As the Mugato is a very
wild, half-intelligent animal that has to be imported from foreign
worlds, it is an appreciated prize.

'ejDo' (Starship) never is used for Klingon vessels, only for alien
ships. QIb'a' (deep shadow) seems to have been a klingon metapher for
an enemy's or unknown space territory.

----snipp----   ----snipp----   ----snipp----   ----snipp----   


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