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KLI-Announce for December 2002



The economy has seen better days, and money is tight everywhere. net
Sov. We know that many of you would like to be able to make a
charitable donation to the KLI, but there's not enough to go around and
you have other priorities in your life, like family and loved ones. Now
you can have it all.

The Klingon Language Institute has entered into an affiliate
arrangement with several merchants and online-malls. If you were
planning on doing your holiday shopping online anyway, please enter the
stores through the links on our Affiliate page
<</kli/affiliate.html>. When you do, the KLI will
receive a referral fee (percentages vary by store) for everything you
buy. Best of all, it won't cost you anything extra!

Our current affiliates include Amazon.con (we *know* you like books!),
Handspring (imagine the pleasure of having TKD available on your PDA --
no more paper cuts!), and the Franklin Mint (in case you've decided to
buy yourself a holiday gift and can't live without the Klingon Pocket
Watch), among others.

Also, we encourage you to register with through the link
provided on our page. iGive is a leader in the field, helping many
nonprofit organizations raise funds through shopping. Their mall site
will lead you to literally dozens and dozens of online stores, many
with free shipping and other alluring offers. If you register with this month, and identify the KLI as your charity of choice,
in addition to the standard referral fees, iGive will toss us a bonus
"signing fee." And again, at no cost to you.

Now, admittedly, the fees KLI receives from these affiliate programs is
pretty small, but they do add up. And if you're going to do your
shopping online anyway (and it only takes one trip to a
brick-and-mortar mall to convince you of the wisdom of that) then
please, take an extra moment to go through our Affiliate page
<</kli/affiliate.html> and let your shopping help
support the Klingon language. Thanks, and happy holidays.



qep'a' wa'maHDIch, the KLI's tenth anniversary conference, has a new
home. Contrary to what was reported in the last issue of HolQeD (and
which will be corrected in the forthcoming December issue) the 2003
conference will be held at the Comfort Inn in Essington, PA, located
approximately three miles from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Benefits of this new site include:

	free shuttle service to and from the airport

	cheaper rooms ($75/night + applicable taxes)

	complimentary continental breakfast

You can learn more about this hotel by visiting their web site

More details will be posted to our own site
<</stuff/qepa.html> as they become available.

When making your hotel reservations, you must mention that you are with
the "Klingon Language Institute" to receive our special discounted room
rate. They can be reached at 610-521-9800.

qep'a' wa'maHDIch begins with an opening banquet on Wednesday evening,
July 30th, and concludes Sunday morning, August 3rd, 2003. Thursday and
Friday mornings will include classes for beginning speakers (no extra
charge, but enrollment is limited). More specific schedules will be
posted to our website in the coming months.

Register today! This promises to be the biggest and best qep'a' yet.


** The Perfect Holiday Gift **

Okay, so we're biased, but we still encourage you to help spread
Klingon by giving someone you love (or at least don't hate) a gift
membership in the KLI. It's quick, it's easy, and in all likelihood,
it's something they don't already have. Pop over to the KLI's Merchant
page <</stuff/Merchant.html> and sign up a friend
today. Or, if you already did that last year, might we suggest that a
copy of the restoration of Shakespeare's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING or the
translation of the epic of GILGAMESH both make for outstanding gifts
for any language warrior.

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