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Re: Klingon WOTD: Qun (n)

Wolf Anglmyer wrote:

>I think Qun'a' is very appropriate for for the useage here as not every 
>one is stuck in a Monotheistic tradition. I and several others follow a 
>pre Kahless line of thought when it comes to dieties such a Cymele and 
>Durgath they are the two prime dieties in the Pantheon and they do not 
>work as a collective but as separate entities. There are lesser dieties or 
>minor ones that could used the term Qun'Hom depending on their station in 
>the Pantheon. There are household Qun'pu that would rank as Qun'a' like 
>Cymele is in my household she is the QunBe'a' SoS and therefore is at the 
>top of the list.  Durgath is her companion and would be Qun'a' vamwI.

What is {vamwI'}?  I can't find a verb {vam}.  "Companion" would be {tlhejwI'}.

If you're going to call Cymele the {Qunbe''a' SoS} or "great female deity's 
mother", shouldn't you call Durgath the {QunloD'a' vamwI'} or "great male 
deity's {vamwI'}"?

Aside from a very few family terms - puqbe'/puqloD, puqnI'be'/puqnI'loD, 
lorbe'/lorloD, tey'be'/tey'loD - Klingon does not mark nouns for 
gender.  Cf. {joH}, which can either mean "Lord" or "Lady" depending on 
context.  Thus {Qun} is either a male or female deity, {HoD} can be either 
a male or female captain, etc.  But if you do insist on marking {Qun} for 
gender, then you should also mark the male with {loD}, like the family 
terms: *{Qunbe'}/*{QunloD}.

Grammatically at least, Klingon does not assume that a person in a given 
role is naturally a male.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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