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Re: Klingon WOTD: Qun (n)

What is {vamwI'}?  I can't find a verb {vam}.  "Companion" would be 

Sorry about vamwi It was miss spelled it was to be wamwi for hunter  

If you're going to call Cymele the {Qunbe''a' SoS} or "great female 

AS for what Cymele is I was going for Great Mother Goddess so then would it be SOS'a' Qun.

shouldn't you call Durgath the {QunloD'a' vamwI'} or "great 
deity's {vamwI'}"?

I was doing for Great God of the Hunt. so then I guess that would be wamwI QunloD'a'.   Deghnegh.

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