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Re: Klingon WOTD: Qun (n)

I think Qun'a' is very appropriate for for the useage here as not every one is stuck in a Monotheistic tradition . I and several others follow a pre Kahless line of thought when it comes to dieties such a Cymele and Durgath they are the two prime dieties in the Pantheon  And they do not worok as a collective but as seperate entities . There are lesser dieties or minor ones that could used the term Qun'Hom depending on their station in the Pantheon. There are household Qun'pu that would rank as Qun'a' like Cymele is in my household she is the QunBe'a' SoS and therefore is at the top of the list.Durgath is her companion and would be Qun'a' vamwI.  

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