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RE: telling the time

> > 'a mu'tlheghlIj vIyajbe'.
> > <1500 rep>'e' wejlogh Qoylu'pu''a'?
> > vaj qatlh mu' wa'DIch 'oHbe' <wejlogh>?

> /1500 rep/ is the timestamp.
> But to be used as a time stamp I wonder if it should be /rep 1500/.
jISovbe'. Is there any canon to that?

> Hmm, will be heard 3 times, or 15 times?
Well, thinking Terran, I would say only three times, but maybe klingons ring
the bell (or whatever) 24 times? Depends on how you count, or what you

poH perchugh loD, 'ej Hoch rep rep perchugh ghaH, vaj qaSDI' rep wa'maH
vaghDIch wa'maH vaghDIchlogh loD Qoylu'pu'.


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