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RE: telling the time

> jang SuStel:
> > wa'maH vagh vatlh rep wejlogh Qoylu'pu'.  rep naQ neH toghlu'law'.
> 'a mu'tlheghlIj vIyajbe'.
> <1500 rep>'e' wejlogh Qoylu'pu''a'?
> vaj qatlh mu' wa'DIch 'oHbe' <wejlogh>?

/1500 rep/ is the timestamp.

But to be used as a time stamp I wonder if it should be /rep 1500/.

rep 1500 wejlogh Qoylu'pu'
"at the hour number 1500, it will be heard 3 times."

Hmm, will be heard 3 times, or 15 times?


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