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Re: telling the time

Am 28.08.2002 02:33:53, schrieb "David Trimboli" <>:

>I said, "At 3:00 PM it's been heard three times."  Actually, I meant to say
>"At 3:30 PM it's been heard three times."  The point is that the /'arlogh
>Qoylu'pu'/ question probably only asks for the hour, and nothing more

So, how do klingons ask for the "exact" time?
From CK, we know how to tell time, but not how to ask for the time.

Or maybe {'arlogh Qoylu'pu'} "used" to ask for only the hour, but today it has become "what time is it", like 
we use it...

BTW, someone asked where {rep} has to be in a time stamp.

From Conversational Klingon we have this:
  "Check­out time is five a.m."
	{vagh rep bImejnIS.}
	[Lit. "You need to leave at five hours."]


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