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Re: telling the time

ghItlh DloraH:

>You can also label the hour;
>yaS:  rep yIper
>beq:  rep wa'maH wej  -  hour number 13
>vulqangan:  tup cha'maH wej, lup loSmaH Hut je
>Then there is the way that has carried over from our ancestors.
>'arlogh Qoylu'?

Should it not be {'arlogh Qoylu'pu'}?

What if the time is like half past three, then how many times have you heard it? 1530 times?? 3.5 times?

BTW: where I live, this expression is not really that old. Almost every church nearby has this huge bell to 
call the the believers to come. And every hour, it tells the time. And then, sometimes people say "I didn't 
count. How many times did you hear it?" ---> 'arlogh Qoylu'pu'? :-)


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