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Re: telling the time

> >be the latter, but for military operations and many other situations,
> >it is ambiguous.
> I usually say this as "1300 h" {wa'maH wejvatlh rep}
> like it is said on conversation Klingon: {wa'maH Hutvatlh rep} for 7pm
> (1900)
> And all the others times can go from {pagh rep} (0000) til
> {cha'maHwejvatlh vaghmaH Hut} (2359) or {cha'SanID 
> wejvatlh vaghmaH Hut}
> I think, then there is no more ambiguity.

You can also label the hour;
yaS:  rep yIper
beq:  rep wa'maH wej  -  hour number 13
vulqangan:  tup cha'maH wej, lup loSmaH Hut  je

Then there is the way that has carried over from our ancestors.
'arlogh Qoylu'?

DloraH, BG

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