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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

jatlh Holtej:

>So, if you're going to add this notion to your description of Klingon
>grammar, you have to justify it.  I could also say that Klingon is a
>classifier language, and that all nouns must be marked for size-and-shape
>characteristics of that noun, and further that the verb must change
>depending on the size-and-shape characteristics of the subject and object
>noun.  Oh, these markings are non-overt though, so you don't actually SEE
>them, but believe you me, they're there.

A criticism, of course, that plenty of deep-structure accounts of 
language (including generative case theory) are just as vulnerable 
to; and languages without morphological case don't have to be from 
outer space in order to cast them into suspicion...

DaH lut motlhDaq Hotlhlu'bogh pIchegh.

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