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Re: Aw: Re: adverbials

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
> >  > >qech nuq?  juplI' DaghomDI' ('ej tlhIngan Hol bolo'be'taHvIS) nuq
> >Dajatlh?
> >>  >DaqlIjDaq qaS nuq?  nuq Data'?  qen lut QaQ Dabej'a'?
> >>
> >>  (what means /qech nuq/?)
> >
> >You asked /nuq'e' wIjatlh?/.  I responded with a rhetorical question
> >repeating you:  "What ideas?  When you get together with your friends..."
> hm. but are you sure about /qech nuq/? it seems very english to me this

I don't think /qech nuq/ works.  It means "What are ideas?"  A parallel from
Okrand would be /Dochvam nuq/ "What is this?"  (Literally, "What is this
thing?")  It doesn't mean "What things?"

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