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RE: Aw: Re: adverbials

> >  > maj. vaj tlhIngan Hol wIjatlh neH. :) 'e' QaQ je. nuq'e' wIjatlh?
> >
> >QaQ is intransitive; it doesn't take an object.  But you have
> 'e' on QaQ as an
> >object; and what is the subject?
> hm. i wanted to say, maybe */QaQ je 'e'/, but that's wrong. maybe...
> /QaQ je 'oH/ or /QaQ 'oH je/. ("and that's good, too.")

The je (when used this way) follows the verb.

QaQ je 'oH   is acceptable.
And, because pronouns are optional, you can write:  QaQ je.
Or in an attempt to use 'e' as a subject, you can rephase as:
QaQ je ghu'vetlh.

> >qech nuq?  juplI' DaghomDI' ('ej tlhIngan Hol bolo'be'taHvIS) nuq
> >DaqlIjDaq qaS nuq?  nuq Data'?  qen lut QaQ Dabej'a'?
> (what means /qech nuq/?)

You asked /nuq'e' wIjatlh?/.  I responded with a rhetorical question
repeating you:  "What ideas?  When you get together with your friends..."

> 'ach Do'Ha', HolQeD 'oHbe'bogh vay''e' jIjatlhqu'be'.
> (but unfortunatly i don't talk much about things that are not
> linguistics.)

And your friends don't mind?

> lut wa':
> DaH nuDghachDajvaD HaDqu' be'wI' jaH je. Qatlhqu' jay'! 'ach
> batlh SuvtaH ghaH.

"my woman and 'jaH' are studying..."

> lut cha':
> lut Qav vIbejbogh 'oH 'ay' wa' noH Hov'e'. vItIvqu'.

It's not "stars of the war", it's "war of the stars".
It's not "star wars" of "episode one", it's "episode one" of "star wars".

I'm not a huge SW fan, so I don't know which would be more appropiate, /veS/
or /noH/.  (/veS/ - war in the general sense.  /noH/ - refering to a
specific war.)

Hov noH 'ay' wa'

DloraH, BG

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