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RE: Aw: Re: adverbials

>  > >  > maj. vaj tlhIngan Hol wIjatlh neH. :) 'e' QaQ je. nuq'e' wIjatlh?
>>  >
>>  >QaQ is intransitive; it doesn't take an object.  But you have
>>  'e' on QaQ as an
>>  >object; and what is the subject?
>>  hm. i wanted to say, maybe */QaQ je 'e'/, but that's wrong. maybe...
>>  /QaQ je 'oH/ or /QaQ 'oH je/. ("and that's good, too.")
>The je (when used this way) follows the verb.
>QaQ je 'oH   is acceptable.
>And, because pronouns are optional, you can write:  QaQ je.
>Or in an attempt to use 'e' as a subject, you can rephase as:
>QaQ je ghu'vetlh.


>  > >qech nuq?  juplI' DaghomDI' ('ej tlhIngan Hol bolo'be'taHvIS) nuq
>>  >DaqlIjDaq qaS nuq?  nuq Data'?  qen lut QaQ Dabej'a'?
>>  (what means /qech nuq/?)
>You asked /nuq'e' wIjatlh?/.  I responded with a rhetorical question
>repeating you:  "What ideas?  When you get together with your friends..."

hm. but are you sure about /qech nuq/? it seems very english to me this way.

>  > 'ach Do'Ha', HolQeD 'oHbe'bogh vay''e' jIjatlhqu'be'.
>>  (but unfortunatly i don't talk much about things that are not
>>  linguistics.)
>And your friends don't mind?

vISuj 'e' vIQub. 'ach Hov noH 'ay' wa''e' je majatlhchuq. :)

>  > lut wa':
>  > DaH nuDghachDajvaD HaDqu' be'wI' jaH je. Qatlhqu' jay'! 'ach
>>  batlh SuvtaH ghaH.
>"my woman and 'jaH' are studying..."

jaH is me. i meant "jIH", sorry.

>  > lut cha':
>>  lut Qav vIbejbogh 'oH 'ay' wa' noH Hov'e'. vItIvqu'.
>It's not "stars of the war", it's "war of the stars".
>It's not "star wars" of "episode one", it's "episode one" of "star wars".

oooops. DaH vIyajghach vIDub.

>I'm not a huge SW fan, so I don't know which would be more appropiate, /veS/
>or /noH/.  (/veS/ - war in the general sense.  /noH/ - refering to a
>specific war.)
>Hov noH 'ay' wa'

nuq ngotlh SoH?


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