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Re: Can anyone answer my question?

>Several years ago I adopted an amazing and wonderful dalmatian dog 
>from the sister of a Klingon fan who named him (this is how I spell 
>it) Cadebach (sounds like ka-dee-bach).  I was told this is a 
>Klingon name and would like to know two to spell it 
>correctly in Klingon and what the name means.
>Cadebach's owner (the Klingon fan) shot himself with Cadebach in the 
>room so I can't ask him.  And of course, anytime I tell anyone what 
>Cadebach's name is, they always say "What???", so then I explain and 
>invariably make something up about the meaning of the name.
>I know nothing of the Klingon language and would appreciate any 
>help.  Thanks so much.
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i think, he means {Ha'DIbaH}. i leave the pronouncation and so on to you.


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