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Re: Can anyone answer my question?

>Side note:
>What Kruge says right before that point is one of the great
>retcons of Klingon.  The Klingon is "qama'pu' jonta' neH!"; the
>original script had the English as "I told you: engine only!"
>(qa- I/you; *ma' tell; -pu' perfective; jonta' engine; neH only),
>but it got rewritten in the subtitles to "I wanted prisoners!".
>Reconciling this change led to the addition of the -pu' plural
>suffix (and thus indirectly to -Du'; previously all plurals were
>formed with -mey), the -ta' accomplishment suffix, and the verb neH
>"to want", with its lack of affixes explained by clipped Klingon.
>The verb ma', meaning to tell, was changed to ja' to remove the
>ambiguity of the sentence and make the substitution less obvious.

And, of course, the addition of the verb {ma'} "accommodate."  So now, 
{qama'pu'} means "I have accommodated you," perhaps in a tongue-in-cheek 
swipe at Paramount by MO.


--Holtej 'utlh

d'Armond Speers, Ph.D.

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