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Re: adverbials

> >DIp mojaq pong:
> >*Augmentative/Diminutive*
> >*Number*
> >*Qualification*
> >*Possession/Specification*
mujang tulwI'. jatlh:
> thank you. (how do we call "-oy" and the group that it forms with the 
> other type-1 noun suffixes?)
the same, the names above refer to all suffixes
of types 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

> >I keep forgetting to remove the "AW:" that is inserted
> >by my email-web-interface. This has led to rather
> >messy "Subject:" lines.
> qaybe'.
> (kann ja mal vorkommen. ;)
certainly, but it shouldn't happen that often...

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