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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

jatlh tulwI':
> but that is no problem, as long as no one attempts to rewrite tkd 
> every time that someone has an idea how to change the description of 
> correctly spoken klingon. i could invent my explanations, you could 
> invent yours. someone else, who knows already klingon and wants to 
> explain it to someone else could read the explanations of you and me 
> and according to the explanation that he likes the best he explains 
> it to his student.
> there is no problem, only progress, imho.
the slight problem there *is*, is - as Qov explained in another post -
that in order to check whether what we explain to others is correct,
we *always* need to go back to what Okrand has said, because in
our "game", this is the only source we know to bre reliable.

so, first, one has to understand the Okrandian way of describing the
language - *then* one can go ahead and try to rephrase things, so
one can remember them more easily.

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aka HomDoq
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