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Re: adverbials

>jatlh tulwI':
>>  qay'be'. latlh mojaqmeyvaD nuq pong chaH? DaH *tkd* vIghajbe'. :(
>DIp mojaq pong:

thank you. (how do we call "-oy" and the group that it forms with the 
other type-1 noun suffixes?)

>>  >(PS: *Subject:*Daq chenbogh *AW:* vIchenHa'moHnIS
>>  >'e' vIqawnIS. pIj vIlIjpu'. vaj ghIHchoH *Subject:*.
>>  >DopDaq qul yIchenmoH, QobDI' ghu'.)
>>  nuqjatlh? sorry.
>I keep forgetting to remove the "AW:" that is inserted
>by my email-web-interface. This has led to rather
>messy "Subject:" lines.

(kann ja mal vorkommen. ;)


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