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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

lab Se'noj (ja'chuqtaHvIS ghaH Holtej je):

> >> 1) klingon is a human language
> >>
> >I reject your (1) outright. Klingon is a Klingon language, not a Terran
> >one.
> >
>I disagree. Klingon may have been created to fit the role of an alien 
>language for a series of movies and TV shows, but it was still created by 
>a human, for the benefit of humans, so, by definition, it is a human language.

vaj cha DoSmey DIqIp.  The game we are playing is to learn the language of 
the Klingons, based on the information our informant, Maltz, provides us 
through Marc Okrand.  jaS DaQuj DaneHchugh, vaj maSoltaH 'ej ghaytan 
yejHaDvam DatIvbe'.

lujatlhbej Human, Human puq je, 'ach nov Hol 'oHtaH.


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