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Re: KBLC: Locatives

ja' peHruS:
>loQ jIQoch.  chaq Qap {juHDaq 'oHbogh quSDaq jIba'} .

Qapbe'.  In the preferred dialect, at least, the subject of a "to be" verb
requires the suffix {-'e'}.  Your suggested construction leaves no room for

>SoQvam vIQavmoHpa' qechvam vImuch:  {juH quSDaq jIba'}.  chovnatlhvam

That sounds to me like you're sitting in a "home chair", as opposed to an
"office chair" or "deck chair" or the like.

For "I sit in a chair at home", {juHDaq quSDaq jIba'} works just fine as
long as you don't try to interpret "chair at home" as a coherent fragment.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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