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Re: "headers" again?

ja' Voragh:
>We also have two more prosaic locative nouns from KGT: {tlhop} "area in
>front of" and {'em} "area behind".
>   *{mu'tlhegh tlhop}  "front area of the sentence"
>   *{mu'tlhegh 'em}    "rear (behind) area of the sentence"

I think you're mistranslating {tlhop} and {'em}, or at least
misrepresenting them.  Their definition is "area in front of" and "area
behind", not "front area" and "rear area".  What we're referring to as
"header" words do not come in the sentence's {tlhop}, the area in front of
it.  They actually appear within the sentence itself.

If you want strictly locative terms instead of metaphorically anatomical
ones, I think the words {'et} "fore" and {'o'} "aft" are more appropriate.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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