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Re: "headers" again?

>The term "header" is actually starting to grow on me.  (Now there's a 
>phrase that doesn't translate.)

I don't know about that.  Although we'd have to agree on terminology 
amongst ourselves, of course, we do have {nach} "head" and {porgh} "body" 
already available:

   *{mu'tlhegh nach}   "the 'head' of the sentence"
   *{mu'tlhegh porgh}  "the body of the sentence"

We also have two more prosaic locative nouns from KGT: {tlhop} "area in 
front of" and {'em} "area behind".

   *{mu'tlhegh tlhop}  "front area of the sentence"
   *{mu'tlhegh 'em}    "rear (behind) area of the sentence"

Although the latter are probably easier for others to understand when we're 
writing tlhIngan Hol, I must admit to liking the "Klingon" sound of a 
sentence's "head" and "body"!

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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