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Re: Early Show

lab ghunchu'wI'

 > one-on-one interview with Qov to two sentences: {jImaw'. jISaHbe'.}

This is so much a shame.  It could have been so cool.  If they had dared to 
show me speaking more than two one-word sentences, they would have
a) demonstrated that Klingon is a complex, speakable language
b) shown any lurkers out there that there are people who CAN speak it
c) broadcast me saying something vaguely intelligent

I know that American audiences won't sit still for foreign languages, but 
they could have given me half a sentence to demonstrate that I was speaking 
Klingon, then simply put ghunchu'wI''s voice on top as a voiceover.

As it was, do they pause, then give the translation?  What was ghungqet 
saying on camera?  Any other pieces besides distorting DloraH to make it 
appear that the child was learning only Klingon and English, distorting me 
to make it appear that I was claiming to be crazy, and calling us 
losers?  Anyone care to do a transcript of the whole thing?   And so what 
if Ebben were learning only English and Klingon.  Many Americans raise 
their kids with ONLY English.  And that's somehow better??

I guess we're lucky they didn't just subtitle me with, "I must be ready to 
intervene on Earth's behalf when the Klingons come to conquer the 
planet."  Heh, next time I'll just give them that.  :)

And yeah, Marc, we need a word with the definition "journalist (always 

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