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Re: Early Show

ja' Qov:
>As it was, do they pause, then give the translation?

They show it as it happened, with the translation following immediately.

>What was ghungqet saying on camera?

He said {bIbombe'} -- during the beginners class, people were asked to say
certain things, and his phrase was "You do not sing."  He spoke it well, if
a little haltingly (perhaps he takes after his father).

>Any other pieces besides...

There was a brief interview with Marc Okrand -- speaking *very* quickly --
regarding the origin of the language.  They showed some scenes from ST3
with Christopher Lloyd and company speaking Klingon with subtitles.
{taHjaj wo'} and {'Iv maH} were in the background for much of the
commentary.  Lawrence got to say a great many things.  A few {DIjchu'}
rounds showed up.  They featured a Scrabble game.  There was a great quote
from Qob:  "It's a hobby.  Some people watch football all day long and can
memorize statistics, and...and I don't like to do that.  But this is fun."

And near the end, they showed Verine bouncing Ebben on her lap singing the
{bom bom bom} part of {'Iv maH}, with this voiceover:  "Of course, it's
true that languages are easiest learned...when you're young."

Then it went from the recorded piece to the live studio and SIbI' SabchoH.

>Anyone care to do a transcript of the whole thing?...

I *will* do this if nobody else does.

>I guess we're lucky they didn't just subtitle me with, "I must be ready to
>intervene on Earth's behalf when the Klingons come to conquer the
>planet."  Heh, next time I'll just give them that.  :)

That'll fit nicely on a business card...

-- ghunchu'wI'

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