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Re: Aw: Re: adverbials

From: "Alan Anderson" <>
> ja' SuStel:
> >/ram/ is a noun that means "night."  /rammo'/ is a noun meaning
> >"because-of-night."  Then, because "because-of-night" isn't likely to be
> >subject or object of the sentence, the gets dumped into the "header"
> It goes there not because it's "unlikely" to be subject or object, but
> because it *is* the reason.  (I do agree that it isn't likely to be
> anything else.)

I'm referring to the bit in TKD on page 60, "Any noun in the sentence
indicating something other than subject or object comes first, before the
object noun."  I'm not prepared to say with absolute complete certainty that
"because-of-night" can never, ever, be the subject or object, but it must be
a rare animal, indeed, never to have been seen before.

There's nothing in TKD that says that "reasons" go in the "header" space,
but there IS that passage which tells us that non-subject-non-objects go
there.  <noun>-mo' is going to be used as a non-subject-non-object word, so
it gets stuck in the "header" spot.

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