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Re: -lu' and -be', small aside on Paul Simon

> hm. but it's strange that i can "ghoS" a course. i don't approach a 
> course. this seems totally different to "go along" a course.

The use of or lack of locatives help determine what is meant.

The direct object, whether it has a -Daq or not, is the destination.
A *locative* is the thing in/on which you are traveling.

bIQtIq vIghoS - I go to the river.
bIQtIqDaq vIghoS - I go to the river. (notice the prefix still claims an object)
bIQtIqDaq jIghoS - I am in/on the river going (somewhere).
DujDaq veng vIghoS - I am going to the city on a ship.

In first and second person this isn't too bad because the prefix tells us if 
the noun-Daq is the locative or the object.  Third person uses the null prefix 
for both with-object and without-object, which can cause problems, which 
context will hopefully help with.

DloraH, BG

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