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Re: -lu' and -be', small aside on Paul Simon

Voragh jang tulwI':

>nuQumqa' tulwI':
>>DaH Voragh jang tulwI':
>>>>what does /ghoS/ actually mean? "to follow a route"?
>>>{ghoS} is a general verb of motion with a variety of English 
>>>glosses: thrust, follow a course, proceed, come toward, approach, 
>>>go to, etc.
>>"move from a to b"?
>Cf. TKD (p.28):
>   There are a few verbs whose meanings include locative notions, such as
>   {ghoS} "approach, proceed". The locative suffix [-Daq] need not be used
>   on nouns which are the objects of such verbs:
>      Duj ghoStaH     "It is approaching the ship."
>      yuQ wIghoStaH   "We are proceeding toward the planet."
>   If the locative suffix is used with such verbs, the resulting sentence
>   is somewhat redundant, but not out-and-out wrong:
>      DujDaq ghoStaH  "It is approaching toward the ship."

hm. but it's strange that i can "ghoS" a course. i don't approach a 
course. this seems totally different to "go along" a course.

thank you for the examples!


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