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Re: pawwI' paSqu' (was RE: qep'a' plans)

lab Voragh:

>tulwI' (sts.) wrote:
>>>{mebpa'mey} is in KGT.  {muDDuj} is, I believe, a convention on this list.
>>>Some will say that you can't create compound nouns (TKD 3.2.1)
>>>like this; we can only use what we're given.  TKD describes them,
>>>but doesn't give instructions on forming them (or prohibit their
>>>productive formation).  What do you think?
>>there are some compound words in klingon, like /DIvI'may'Duj/. for
>>me as a german this is very welcome, as in german i'd say:
>>DIvI'may'Duj = F÷derationsschlachtschiff
>>we can immitate klingon sentences, but i doubt we can immitate
>>klingon compound words (as we don't know if a klingon would have
>>used a compound word instead of a sentence), do we?
>Not really.  Consider the following:
>   {'Iwchab}  blood pie
>One word in Klingon, two words in English.

seemingly the rules for klingon and english are not the same. but
maybe it doesn't matter. maybe we can find some rules for klingon.
for example, i could find that */DIvI' may' Duj/ doesn't exist
because it would be strange to say "a vessel of the battle of the
federation", as the federation doesn't have a battle. it's a ship
_for_ battle, and maybe the noun-noun construction in klingon means
always "of".

>   {ro'qegh'Iwchab}  rokeg blood pie
>One word in Klingon, three words in English.  (Before you ask:  We
>don't know what {ro'qegh} is; probably some sort of animal, though
>it could be a place name.)  Why no break between {ro'qegh} and

as we don't know what ro'qech is, i don't know how to apply any rule.

>   {reghuluS 'Iwghargh}  Regulan bloodworm

a bloodworm of Regulan. it's ok.

>Two words in Klingon, two words in English.  Note that {'Iwghargh}
>"bloodworm" is one word.

maybe because the blood is not made of blood, or possessed by blood.
there is an other association.

>   {'Iw HIq}  bloodwine

maybe the wine is really made of blood? or was at some time.

>Two words in Klingon, one word in English.  Considering that
>Paramount always writes "bloodwine" as one word, I was expecting to
>see *{'IwHIq} in Klingon, like {'Iwghargh} and {'Iwchab}.  Okrand,
>however, chose to spell it as two words in KGT... perhaps just to be
>contrary <g>.

perhaps. but what means "<g>"?

>Go figure.

sorry, what means "go figure"?

hm, probably you will find other examples of noun-noun constructions
and noun-noun nouns that would be hard to explain. maybe there isn't
a rule at all. hm...


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