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> also correct any klingon language errors
> je tlhIngan Hol Qaghmey lugh
> Should I put the verb prefix Da on lugh? Or add any suffixes?

/je/, when used as "also" in this manner, follows the verb it is modifying.

Verbs always have to have a prefix.  When it looks like there is no prefix, it 
is really the null prefix which means "him/her/it [to] him/her/it", etc.  Refer 
to the chart in TKD on p33.

But before we choose a prefix here, let's look at something else...

lugh - "be correct".  This is intransitive.  You do not "be correct" 
something.  We need to add the suffix -moH.  lughmoH "cause to be correct".

The object is "errors" (them).  The subject is, well, "you" is implied.  If we 
use -Da, this would be a statement.  To make it a command you have to go to the 
chart on p34.  Here we find "you [to] them" is tI-.

Qaghmey tIlughmoH  "Cause the errors to be correct."
Because the prefix implies a plural object, the plural suffix is optional.
Qagh tIlughmoH  "Cause the errors to be correct."

Qagh tIlughmoH je  "Also cause the errors to be correct."

DloraH, BG

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