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to'nech 101-110

K: ram tam tIqaw.
Gloss: Remember the quiet nights.
Eno/Schmidt: Remember quiet evenings

K: wa'leS yIHubQo'; DaHjaj yIHIv!
Gloss: Do not defend tomorrow; attack today!
Eno/Schmidt: Be extravagant

K: yoHwI'qoq yIHon.
Gloss: Doubt the so-called "brave" one.
Eno/Schmidt: Question the heroic

K: bIjaHqa'DI', jaS bIjaH.
Gloss: If you start going again, you go differently.
Eno/Schmidt: Repetition is a form of change

K: yImej ghIq lojmIt yISoQmoH.
Gloss: Leave then close the door.
Eno/Schmidt: Go outside. Shut the door.

K: bIpo' 'e' bI'angvIpqu''a'?
Gloss: Are you /afraid/ to reveal that you are skilled?
Eno/Schmidt: Don't be frightened to display your talents

K: pagh potlh'a' ghap yIQaw'.
Gloss: Destroy either nothing, or the crucial thing.
Eno/Schmidt: Destroy -nothing -the most important thing
[{bIQaw'chugh, potlh'a' yIQaw'} would be good, but the assonance in {pagh 
potlh'a' ghap} is pretty zippy, I think.]

K: QIt HurDaq Hoch tIHotlhchu'.
Gloss: Meticulously scan everything outside.
Eno/Schmidt: Go slowly all the way round the outside

K: chIch nabmey ngo' tIlo'!
Gloss: Deliberately use the old plans!
Eno/Schmidt: Don't be frightened of cliches

K: junwI' SoH.
Gloss: You are hard to catch.
(lit: You are one who takes evasive action; Eno and Schmidt misread this as 
"jonwI' SoH")
Eno/Schmidt: You are an engineer

Sean M. Burke

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