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Re: to'nech 101-110

Most of these are good.  I'll only comment on a couple.

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>

> K: yImej ghIq lojmIt yISoQmoH.
> Gloss: Leave then close the door.
> Eno/Schmidt: Go outside. Shut the door.

Note that Klingon can also string independent sentences together as a

yImej; lojmIt yISoQmoH.

Also note that /ghIq/ is an adverbial, not a conjunction.  While the
sentence is otherwise precisely the same, it would behoove you to mark this
like so:

yImej; ghIq lojmIt yISoQmoH.

> K: bIpo' 'e' bI'angvIpqu''a'?
> Gloss: Are you /afraid/ to reveal that you are skilled?

Wrong prefix:

bIpo' 'e' Da'angvIpqu''a'?

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