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Re: to'nech 71-80

At 12:38 2002-04-20 -0500, Alan Anderson wrote:
>That brings me to the other point which I didn't see addressed explicitly:
>so far as we know, Klingon uses only *direct* quotes.  Fixing the verb of
>saying, your {DujlIj luvoq tIja'!} says "Tell them, 'They trust your
>instincts.'"  If you want to tell them to trust your instincts, you have to
>say to them "Trust my instincts."

Hm, that would put it in good company.  I am fairly sure Persian works like 
that.  It's certainly a tidy way to avoid the whole question of what to do 
with the tense/aspect in the indirect-discourse clause.

Sean M. Burke

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