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Re: to'nech 71-80

At 13:54 2002-04-19 -0400, David Trimboli wrote:
> > K: DujlIj luvoq tIra'!
> > Gloss: Order them to trust your instincts!
>[noting the lack of a 'e']
>The only words that are actually verbs of speaking are /jatlh/ and /ja'/.
>Anything else is just a regular verb.

TKD 6.2 says net/'e' aren't used "with verbs (say, tell, ask, etc.)".  I 
wasn't terribly sure what would constitute a "verb of saying", but inferred 
that it wasn't just two words, what with the "etc." there.  And "ask" seems 
to mean that {tlhob} is in that class too, even tho that's not a verb of 
So I took a stab and inferred that anything denotes an action that I think 
of as prototypically involving saying something, gets to be in that class 
of things that take no net/'e'.
Even that's a fuzzy set tho -- for example, if ra' is in that set, is 
jach?  tung?  chup?  nubmoH?  naD?  Gotta draw the line somewhere, I guess.

Sean M. Burke

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