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to'nech 71-80

K: DujlIj luvoq tIra'!
Gloss: Order them to trust your instincts!
Eno/Schmidt: Ask people to work against their better judgement

K: nuq 'oH jech QaQ'e'?
Gloss: What is a good disguise?
Eno/Schmidt: What context would look right?

K: pIp yItlhe'.
Gloss: Twist the spine.
Eno/Schmidt: Twist the spine

K: mung yIcheghlI'.
Gloss: Return to the origin.
Eno/Schmidt: Return to the Introduction

K: chIch yIDal.
Gloss: Be intentionally dull.
Eno/Schmidt: Do something boring

K: lugh'a' He?
Gloss: Is the course right?
Eno/Schmidt: Is the style right?
[Is {lugh} said only of people being right [about something], or can it 
apply also to things being right [for a purpose]?]

K: nuq ngaS Qu'?  nuq ngaSbe' Qu'?
Gloss: What does the task contain?  What doesn't it contain?
Eno/Schmidt: Think - inside the work -outside the work

K: mu' DachoHnIS'a'?
Gloss: Do you need to change the words?
Eno/Schmidt: Do the words need changing?

K: qechlij jaq yIcha'!
Gloss: Display your bold idea!
Eno/Schmidt: You don't have to be ashamed of using your own ideas

K: cha' Dopmey ghaj tlhegh.
Gloss: A rope has two ends.
Eno/Schmidt: A line has two sides

Sean M. Burke

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