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Re: to' nech, 061-070

Sean M. Burke wrote:
> >> K: nuq bIHpu' QaghmeylIj'e'?
> >> Gloss: What were your mistakes?

>chay' bIQaghpu'?
>I've found that Klingon tends to seem more "natural" when sentences focus
>on action rather than objects, often making {chay'} a much better word than
>{nuq} for many questions.

{chay'} is sometimes used where an English-speaker would use "what".  Egg.:

   "The question word {chay'} 'how?' may be used as a one-word sentence
    meaning 'How did this happen? What happened? What the--?'" (TKD 70)

Also note the idiom:

   chay' jura'
   What are your orders?
   ("How do you command us?") TKD

   jIyajHa'.  chay' jura'?  ([untranslated] ST3)

   chay' jura'?  ([untranslated] ST6)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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