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to' nech, 061-070

[Note: the yesterday's batch had the subject "to' nech, 051-061", which 
should have said "to' nech, 051-060".]

K: tInubmoH.
Gloss: Cast suspicion on them.
Eno/Schmidt: Voice your suspicions
[an okay use of the moH factive there?]

K: nuq 'oH He napqu''e'?
Gloss: What is the very simple route?
Eno/Schmidt: What is the simplest solution?

K: nuq bIHpu' QaghmeylIj'e'?
Gloss: What were your mistakes?
Eno/Schmidt: What mistakes did you make last time?

K: tItamchuqmoH!
Gloss: Have them change places.
Eno/Schmidt: Change instrument roles

K: potlh'e' yIghoSlI'!
Gloss: Approach the crucial thing.
Eno/Schmidt: Move towards the unimportant

K: yItaHlI' neH!
Gloss: Just persevere!
Eno/Schmidt: Just carry on

K: DolIj yIchoH.
Gloss: Change your speed.
Eno/Schmidt: Distort time.
[Has anyone seen a general purpose word for "time" in Klingon yet, as 
opposed to just a period of time?]

K: wej Hoch 'e', 'ach wa' 'ay' neH.
Gloss: Not yet all, but just one part.
Eno/Schmidt: Only a part, not the whole

K: Quch; qoHna' rur.
Gloss: Happy -- like a fool!
Eno/Schmidt: Idiot glee

K: QIt yIvI'lI'.
Gloss: Slowly accumulate [toward a goal].
Eno/Schmidt: Accretion
[or is vI' strictly intransitive, so: {yIvI'moHlI'}?]

Sean M. Burke

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