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Re: to' nech, 061-070

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> K: tInubmoH.
> Gloss: Cast suspicion on them.
> Eno/Schmidt: Voice your suspicions
> [an okay use of the moH factive there?]

Sure, why not?  "Cause them to be suspect."  Works for me.

I'd more correctly translate the original as /bIpIHchugh yIjatlh/, assuming
that /pIH/ "be suspicious" refers to one's state of mind, not one's actions
(I don't think we know that for sure).  A more Klingon version might be
/bIpIHchugh yIvang/.

> K: nuq 'oH He napqu''e'?
> Gloss: What is the very simple route?


> K: nuq bIHpu' QaghmeylIj'e'?
> Gloss: What were your mistakes?

Your mistakes haven't completed having been mistakes.  The aspect suffix
isn't right here.

nuq bIH QaghmeylIj'e'?
What were your mistakes?

If this sentence were uttered in the appropriate context, you'd know what
time you're talking about.

tlhIngan wa': wa'Hu' matlhaS jIH yaS wa'DIch je.  jIluj jay'!
tlhIngan cha': 'a SoH HoS law' ghaH HoS puS!  nuq bIH QaghmeylIj'e'?

> K: tItamchuqmoH!
> Gloss: Have them change places.

This all depends, of course, on exactly how /tam/ is used.  I'd have to
think about a pithy way to say this.  Even if it's transitive, "Cause them
to exchange each other" doesn't quite mean "Have them change places."

Just as a quick, I'm-at-work-and-can't-spend-too-much-time-thinking-about-it
sentence, how's this?

Daqmeychaj tam chaH (bIH?) 'e' yIraD.

> K: potlh'e' yIghoSlI'!
> Gloss: Approach the crucial thing.
> Eno/Schmidt: Move towards the unimportant

(How'd you go from "unimportant" to "crucial"?)


> K: yItaHlI' neH!
> Gloss: Just persevere!
> Eno/Schmidt: Just carry on

/neH/ after a verb means "just, only" as in trivializing the verb
("merely").  If you mean, "Eh, merely persevere," then I agree with your
sentence (and it carries an extra meaning of "for a little longer" or
thereabouts, with that /-lI'/ suffix).  If you mean "Persevere, and do
nothing else," then /neH/ isn't what you want.  I suspect you meant the

> K: DolIj yIchoH.
> Gloss: Change your speed.
> Eno/Schmidt: Distort time.
> [Has anyone seen a general purpose word for "time" in Klingon yet, as
> opposed to just a period of time?]

ghobe'.  We haven't been given one.

> K: wej Hoch 'e', 'ach wa' 'ay' neH.
> Gloss: Not yet all, but just one part.

nuqjatlh?  What's that /'e'/ doing there?

Don't be afraid to use sentences where in English you might use a noun

wej naQ; DaH wa' 'ay' neH 'oH.

> K: Quch; qoHna' rur.
> Gloss: Happy -- like a fool!
> Eno/Schmidt: Idiot glee

majQa'!  mu'tlhegh vIparHa'.

> K: QIt yIvI'lI'.
> Gloss: Slowly accumulate [toward a goal].
> Eno/Schmidt: Accretion
> [or is vI' strictly intransitive, so: {yIvI'moHlI'}?]

That's one of the "we don't know' words.

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