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Re: worlds apart pt1

ja' Wolf Anglemyer <>:
>I just started to read this book and I have a few questions on some of the
>tlhlingan-Hol .

chomISmoH.  <paqvam> DalaDlaw', 'ach paq pong Dangu'Ha'.

*** What book is "this"?

>Kuve is supposed to mean slave or servitor But I have noticed that servant
>is a different word according to the TKD do not the two words mean the
>same thing .

toH, SIbI' paq vIghov.  <SIla' Qav> 'oH qar'a'?  Okrand tlhIngan Hol lo'be'
paqvetlh.  pImbej "Klingonaase".

*** Oh, "The Final Reflection", right?  The "Klingonaase" in that book
isn't the {tlhIngan Hol} we know from Okrand's work.

> I also noticed the word tharavul what is that as it was refered to in
>context with Vulcans.

QoghIj le' ghaj vulqangan.  latlh yab HotlaH.  QummeH QubnIS neH.
'utmoHlaw' wa' QoghIj 'ay'.  tlhIngan nugh QulmeH vulqangan, 'ay'vam teq
HaqwI' 'e' chaw'.

*** A "theravul" is a Vulcan whose ability to mindmeld has been surgically
removed.  They apparently do this in return for permission to do cultural

>I also have another question...How long did it take some of you to learn
>to write comfortably in tlhlingan-Hol...and when you started where you the
>only on around in your area to do so.

I was comfortable about a month after I started.  Unfortunately, I wasn't
nearly as good at it as I thought. :-)  It took about six months of
dedicated practice reading everything I could before my comfort was
justified, and about another year after that before I was securely
comfortable.  The real turning point was when I attended qep'a', and
confirmed first-hand that Klingon *works*.

I am *still* the only one in my area who speaks Klingon, though I have hope
that the two high school kids who contacted me a month ago will respond to
my qepHom invitation.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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