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RE: worlds apart pt1

> Thank you for your kind words  in regards to my questions . What
> is the name of your book please. Deghnegh Qor.


DIS 1999, (wej jISaw), ghIlghameS vImugh.
KLIvaD vImughbe'.  qo'vaD vImughbe'.  jIHvaD vImugh.  jItob'eghmeH vImugh.
lutmey vIneH.  SuvwI'pu' lutmey vIneH.  'ach lut puSqu' vISam.  lutHom
vIneHbe'.  mu'tlheghmey neH vIneHbe'.  Darmaq lutvaD ghIlghameS lut much
pIqarD HoD.  vaj ghIlghameS vImugh.

vImughta'DI' KLIvaD vImuch.

Qagh lutu'lu'.  pupbe'.  'ach jIQap.  (jIHvaD jIQap.)

DloraH, BG

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