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Re: to' nech, 019: {jev'a'meyna'.}

At 06:19 2002-04-16, marien danzig replied to Alan Anderson's grand mal, 
>Besides, as far as "stacks of short, cryptic phrases" are concerned -- 
>what then is /The Klingon Way/?

An interesting comparison!

Apparently only people whose names begin with Ok and end with Rand get to 
try anything beyond what one would do in a 8th grade English class in 
Missouri, lest their every mistake be lept on as being "more bad Klingon 
that one has seen in the previous month".

On the other hand, maybe I'm missing the essential appeal of /The Klingon 
Way/ to some people -- the pictures!  But I like books with pictures too!

Sean M. Burke

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